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At Simplifya, we’re dedicated to providing user-friendly software that makes it a lot easier for your cannabis business to stay compliant with regulations. Our goal is to help you understand the landscape of cannabis compliance and provide simple steps for you to ensure every employee operates in compliance, maintain and demonstrate your company’s history of compliance, hold employees accountable, remediate any potential issues, and ultimately, mitigate the risk associated with non-compliance.


Our Products


Simplifya Protect

Schedule/track the many tasks required to manage and maintain compliance. Take the guesswork out of always changing regulations with personalized self-audits, best practice SOP templates, track anything that requires renewal, and store all valuable data in one place for easy reference.


Simplifya Market Guide

Our regulatory platform with easy to read, state-by-state summaries, that includes information about many vital topics.


Simplifya Verified

Simplifya Verified is our cannabis license verification service that provides both companies serving the industry, such as financial institutions and insurance companies, and licensed operators with yet another layer of compliance confidence. Simplifya Verified collects data from the state agencies that issue the licenses and presents the data in a consistent, easy-to-search manner.


Enforcement Platform

 Drastically increase the productivity of your inspection agents allowing them to do more site inspections. Increase the effectiveness of your licensee’s regulatory and operational compliance obligations. Simplifya provides enforcement agencies the ability to automate, customize, track, and manage inspections via a streamlined, user-friendly online platform.


“Simplifya has allowed Eaze to build a seamless internal audit experience, providing a platform to evaluate our delivery processes against state and local regulations. Our teams have been able to monitor compliance confidently throughout California and we know that Simplifya’s tools will continue to adapt to our ever-changing industry, allowing Eaze to do the same.” Alyssa Clemmer - Compliance Specialist - EAZE
“Simplifya has taken the complexities of operating in multiple markets and consolidated them into one easy to use platform. Whether you are a multi state operator, or a one location business, they have the proactive approach to compliance that you’ve been looking for.” Tyler Burke - Director of Corporate Compliance - CRESCO LABS
“Simplifya pays for itself in so many ways. For example, expensive 3rd party audits are performed quicker and easier due to the work that our internal team is able to do with Simplifya. Travel is also reduced because I can have on-site staff in remote facilities across the state and the country do thorough audits instead of having to fly in costly auditors every quarter.” Wesley Hein - Head of Legal, Public Affairs - MAMMOTH Distribution
“Self-conducted audits have really helped us prepare for surprise inspections from our regulators and have helped us create and maintain a culture of compliance at all of our locations. The comprehensive self-audits allow us to see any blindspots in the regulations we may be missing or forgetting, and action items help us ensure swift correction of any non-compliant items and help us hold team members accountable.” Kasey Corson - Director of Compliance - TEMESCAL WELLNESS
“The audits and SOPs have greatly improved compliance at our facilities. The SOPs give staff the needed information to compliantly conduct day-to-day operations. The audits allow staff to identify compliance issues early and quickly correct them. […] Compliance has improved! All staff even down to hourly employees have an understanding of the regulations and expectations. Often the only people in a cannabis company that know and understand the rules are the legal and compliance teams. Having our operations staff be a part of the audits has helped them to better understand the regulations and expectations for running a compliant facility” Kelli Impola - CRESCO LABS
“Having Sops in Simplifya gives us peace of mind that the routine activities (monthly security checks, weekly destruction) are happening on their expected cadence. Before leveraging Simplifya we would find store teams falling out of the habit of completing these important regulatory items. It also is great to be able to have all of the required forms and directions in one place for the store team when working on these tasks. ” Devin Timberlake - Head of Retail/Compliance - TERRASANA

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